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US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


Follow the links below to learn about the types of discrimination prohibited by Federal law and enforced by the EEOC, timelines for filing complaints, and the EEOC's process for handling complaints.  








Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission


In addition to Federal laws prohibiting discrimination in the workplace, there are also state laws in place to protect employees:










Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations


Employees working in Philadelphia are also protected by the Philadelphia Fair Practices Ordinance:









New Jersey Division on Civil Rights


Follow the link below to learn about the NJ Law Against Discrimination and the NJ Family Leave Act, which offer additional protections to NJ employees:








Office for Civil Rights


Employees of Federally funded educational institutions who believe they have been illegally discriminated against may be able to submit a complaint to the Office for Civil Rights.  Learn more about the OCR's process by following the links below:





Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission
Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations
New Jersey Division on Civil Rights Office of the Attorney General
Office for Civil Rights Federally Funded Educational Institutions
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