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Employment discrimination fired wrongful termination hostile work environment sexual harassment age gender race disability discrimination




Extensive experience with the legal and practical issues affecting today’s workplace, including age, sex, race and disability discrimination through representation of employers and employees before state and federal courts and agencies.   Involved in litigation in state and federal courts on issues involving employment contracts, restrictive covenants, employee handbooks and policy manuals, whistleblowing activities, and race, age, disability and sex discrimination.




Litigated numerous environmental disputes, including representation of FMC Corporation in landmark decision holding the government liable as an operator and arranger under CERCLA as a result of the government’s extensive involvement with facility during WWII.  FMC v. Department of Commerce, 29 F.3d 933 (3d Cir.1994).


Obtained favorable settlement of matter against United States on behalf of several subsequent owners of chemical plant in Pittsburgh by establishing government liability as owner and operator of plant during World War II and Korean War.


Successfully represented toy corporation in copyright infringement case by locating key document that demonstrated that plaintiff had fabricated entire claim.  Plaintiff agreed to dismiss case with prejudice.


Obtained summary judgment for insurance company in New Jersey environmental insurance action on duty to defend issues.


Participated in all aspects of several lawsuits involving performance and payment bonds for construction projects.


Represented several parties in adversary actions in United States Bankruptcy court.




Drafts and negotiates commercial leases for hospitals, medical practices and offices.






Advises employers on how to avoid litigation, particularly with respect to state and federal laws, including the ADA, the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (“ADEA”), the Civil Rights Acts, wage and hour issues, and state and federal anti-wiretapping statutes and privacy laws.




Drafts and negotiates employment, non-compete, confidentiality, severance, and termination agreements for employers, executives, and other employees of various corporations.


Employee Handbooks/Policies


Drafts employee policy manuals and handbooks and provide training to various levels of management employees on compliance with laws against sexual harassment, disability discrimination, wage and hour issues, and other developing areas of employment law, with particular expertise in the ADA and FMLA.

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